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I have decided to redraw this one too. 

The old one can be seen here:  http://blog.retrodox.com/post/21638483610 
it was drawn back in April this year actually!

I’m not a fan of lines and when I drew the original I was experimenting with different things. But it’s one of my favorites so I wanted to actually complete it for real. 

Hope you like it!

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¡Mega Adorables!

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08.28.12 ♥ 59

Mega Man Tribute by Logan Faerber


Mega Man Tribute by Logan Faerber

07.23.12 ♥ 207


I’ve never owned a Nintendo, so I’m not a massive fan of either of these characters, but what a cool piece by Cliff Rathburn! He needs to draw more books when he’s not doing the gray tones for Walking Dead and the inks for Invincible month in and month out.

(Source: cliff-rathburn)

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Created by Blake Wheeler

DeviantArt || Etsy

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06.23.12 ♥ 17


Framed Mega Man Helmet print set, available at Etsy.

Also available without frames Here

06.20.12 ♥ 322


Megaman Tribute: Legends Girls - vinhnyu

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A Broken Man, The Breakman. By Elcamarone/Soenaz

“If you are the one, my father’s son, what am I supposed to be?”

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05.22.12 ♥ 222


This huge (36”x24”) poster features stylized vector-art versions of Mega Man and all the Robot Masters he faced in Mega Man 2! Organized identically to the game’s Boss Select screen, because of course it is!

These designs have been available as individual posters, (as well as shirts, naturally) but this is an easier solution since it requires hanging only one item.

All this an more over at Etsy!

02.14.12 ♥ 167


Mega Man and Protoman by Andre Hamm

While Street Fighter vs. Tekken may have claimed Fat Mega Man, I’ll side with Badass Mega Man and his brother Proto in a futuristic street brawl.

Artist: behance / deviantart

02.10.12 ♥ 270