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Everyone wants to be as cool as Protoman.

Everyone wants to be as cool as Protoman.

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Leader of the Jin’en Army

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:3 X as a human!

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Mega Man has no competition in Jeffrey Cruz’s excellent entry into UDON’s Mega Man Tribute Contest. Check out more submissions here!

The Mega Man Tribute hardcover book is now available at the UDON Store ($79.99) or grab up the paperback at Amazon ($26.39).

MEGA by Jeffrey Cruz / lastscionz (deviantART)

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The stealthy / powerful ninja robot master Shadow Man gets a design upgrade in Jeffrey Cruz’s new Mega Man fan art. Bring on the frogs!

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Shadow Man by Jeffrey Cruz / lastscionz (deviantART)

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It’s Mega Man Madness today! Kai Lim took the beloved Rockman and put on a few layers of killer armor and weaponry. Created as a submission for the Rockman art exhibition / contest at ASIAGRAPH 2011.

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Heavy Rockman by Kai Lim / ukitakumuki (deviantART)

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Mega Boy hangs the baddies in Florent Roubinet’s rockin’ new piece for the Geek-Art / Autumn Society “8-Bit Champions” art show on September 15th.

You can find more show submissions here.

Mega Boy by Florent Roubinet / Flow (Blog) (Facebook)

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Another Robot Master becomes a shirt! This time it’s Wood Man, flinging leaves in front of a forest backdrop.  Only one more Robot Master from Mega Man 2 remains, at which point I plan on releasing a very short run of prints based on this series.

Check out all the Mega Man shirts I’ve got over at my RedBubble!

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Proto Man : Andry Shango.

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X and Marty by Soul Rokkuman.

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After Toadstool became a true Jedi Master, Vader took on the role as a Mega Man villain. Great Star Wars / Mega Man sculpture by Donald Kennedy.

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Darth Vaderman by Donald Kennedy / Kodykoala (Flickr) (Twitter)

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By popular demand Crash Man is the next robot master to be addressed in splattery vector form.  Especially astute fans may notice the effort I made to make the white forms look like Crash Bomb explosions.  In fact, I made a whole bunch of new vector assets for this design, all of which you’re welcome to preview here or download here in .ai format! (they’re free, use them, distribute them, etc).

See other shirt designs of mine over at RedBubble.

Oh p.s. Today is the last day that I’m offering no-strings-attached free shipping on all orders at my Etsy - see that page for details!

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